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This site summarises my research on the psychological impact of PICU admission on children and their families - both in relation to what children remember and how they and their parents are affected in the short and longer term.


Gillian Colville BSc MPhil CPsychol AFBPsS
2nd floor Clare HouseHead of Paediatric Psychology Service
St George's Hospital, Blackshaw Rd, London SW17 0QT


MAP of UK/Ireland PICUs with psychology cover          new map.png

Children's delusional memories of intensive care - an aspect of delirium? (2016) Annals of Delirium pdf

Psychological aspects of care of the critically ill child (2015) J Pediatr Intensive Care pdf

The Value of Screening Parents for Their Risk of Developing Psychological Symptoms After PICU: A Feasibility Study Evaluating a Pediatric Intensive Care Follow-Up Clinic (2015) Pediatr Crit Care Med  pdf


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